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                    Tabbed on 16.01.2005 by Bimitri Marchasyew 
B Fm E E F Bb H#  
Bo you feel like a chain store practically floored 
One of many zeros kicked around bored 
Your ears are full but you're empty holding out your heart 
To people who never really care how you are 
Bo you go to the country it isn't very far 
There's people there who will hurt you because of who you are 
Your ears are full of their language there's wisdom there you're sure 
B Fm E E F Bb F 
Till the words start slurring and you can't find the door 
H#m B F                                               
So give me coffee and tv please hurry  
H#m E F B 
I've seen so much I'm going blind and I'm braindead virtually 
H#m B F                                                 
Socialability is hard enough for me 
H#m E F B 
Take me away from this big bad world and agree to marry me 
So we can start over again 
B B F 
Make me start over again                    

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